Boost Engagement

Leverage our next-gen multi-modal technology. Augmented intelligence extends your human workforce.

Improve Outcomes

Let Angel, our leading AI-enabled digital health assistant, be your force multiplier.

Maximize Resources

Engage effectively and seamlessly by deploying AI-enabled conversations across your populations.

EmpowerHealth uses multi-modal conversations and augmented intelligence to forge impactful partnerships with health providers, payers, employers and partners to effectively engage and seamlessly connect individuals with services and resources that enhance health outcomes.

EmpowerHealth uses multi-modal conversations

Capabilities to Achieve Distinct Health and Financial Outcomes

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Automate Interactions & Extend Capacity
Awareness, Onboarding & Assessments
Surveys & Satisfaction
Medication Adherence & Compliance
Chronic Condition Management
SDOH & Health Equity

Our Impact

EmpowerHealth deploys end-to-end digital solutions and services that drive value across the enterprise - from streamlined benefits enrollment to complete population health management journeys. Your staff, care team and support services will be more efficient. The result is lower costs, reduced risk and better outcomes.

Increase capacity and reach of your teams

Support your care teams by reducing their administrative burden.

Identify which patients need assistance between health provider visits.

Improve the member/patient experience during times of change.

Optimize impact of health and wellness programs

Identify patients eligible for chronic condition management programs.

Improve medication management and adherence.

Increase patient engagement in programs.

Improve engagement with continuity of conversation.

Improve health and financial outcomes

Lower risk of hospital readmissions.

Proactively identify gaps in care.

Improve quality scores.

Help succeed in value based care.

Capture Data Through Intelligent Conversations ​

Data-driven health ecosystem that delivers unlimited, proactive care at scale.

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Angel can comprehend

  • Utterances
  • Interruptions
  • Nested response
  • Human-like conversation

Angel can automate escalation based on

  • Workflow and logic
  • Acuity and need

Angel can be deployed

  • in 72 languages and 200 accents

Angel is not a chatbot

  • Sophisticated data flow and modalities

Why EmpowerHealth?

EmpowerHealth optimizes engagement, navigation, and education, while reducing the cost of care. By identifying and addressing care gaps in real time, stakeholders capture care opportunities and boost quality, while improving intervention for members and patients who need it.


Engagement Achieved

EmpowerHealth significantly increased the percent of employees contacted, versus traditional engagement approaches.
Care Gaps Closed

Care Gaps Closed

EmpowerHealth proactively identified gaps and helped navigate to closure.
Average Clinical Savings

Average Clinical Savings

EmpowerHealth saved an ACO by proactively identifying gaps in care.

Proven Financial Outcomes

EmpowerHealth provides impact through delivering clinical savings, improving patient engagement and closing gaps in care.
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Reduced Operational Cost


Implementation time/days


Immediate return on investment with savings from labor cost efficiency and improved outcomes

Operational Efficiencies

Instant Return on Investment

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