EmpowerHealth's intelligent assessment solutions can reach 100% of populations, automatically flag care gaps, and triage to appropriate services and resources. This extends the capacity of existing staff and maximizes time spent with patients and members, with no disruption to existing workflow. The result is improved financial and health outcomes.

Increase Capacity and Reach of Contact Centers and Care Teams

  • Expedite assessments for wellness, prevention, mental health, maternal health, pre and post discharge, health risk assessments and more
  • Improve medication management and adherence, assist with refills
  • Reduce administrative and clinical costs, addess staff shortages
  • Escalate interventions based on SDoH and health equity factors
  • Deploy electronic notifications to care teams

Care Centered Design

EmpowerHealth provides regular, continuous interactions with people to efficiently manage health journeys, improve the experience and raise quality, performance measures and outcomes.

Care Centered Design

Real time navigation to needed resource


Reduction in readmissions


Increased engagement capacity


Meaningful, personalized engagement (including health, wellbeing and SDoH assessments)

Prevented Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

Improved quality of care and time to resolution, which reduced risk and medical spend

Reached a volume 600 times more than traditional methods at 1/50th the costs. This includes identifying new or worsening clinical needs, medication needs and other resources, such as transportation, food or medical supplies.


Modern Engagement Solutions That Provide Personalized Conversations at Massive Scale

Gather data and receive actionable insights on your populations

EmpowerHealth provides you with data driven, real-time information that identifies gaps in care. Patients and members experience improved engagement, education and care quality.

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Quality interactions that enable the right care at the right time
business technology
Highly automated workflows and framework
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Streamline collection of administrative and clinical information

Easy to Configure, Implement and Deploy

EmpowerHealth offers intelligent assessment tools to conversationally engage individuals at massive scale using AI/ML technology.

Data Exchange & Eligibility Files

Ingest population file from client based on condition, risk, transition or performance measures

Campaign Framework & Pathways

Pre-built templates designed to encompass everything from a welcome greeting, consent, regulatory compliance and the gathering of customized health and wellbeing information

Onboarding & Introduction

Broadcast conversation to familiarize individuals with service, obtain SMS consent, disclaimers, etc.

Deploy Conversation(s) Framework

Conduct conversational engagement by phone, and/ or SMS to collect PRO and drive adherence, compliance and individual empowerment

Configure Education & Support

Offer educational information, tips and articles specific to pathway

Navigation and Intervention

Real-time risk and gap identification. Triage and transfer based on risk and needs. Live and self serve

Follow-Up / Gap Closure

Complete follow-up conversations to ensure next best step was fulfilled. Survey members for satisfaction

Reports & Analytics

Dashboard with relevant data and information, including actionable insight reports, analytics, trends behavior change and demonstrated ROI

Highly Automated, Customized Workflows Aligned With Your Specific Goals

  • Screenings and prevention
  • Empowered members and patients
  • Identify and address gaps based on risk
  • Increase awareness and behavior change
  • Connect with education, information and digital resources
  • Identify SDoH and health equity factors
  • Improve PCP collaboration
  • Detect potential risk sooner
  • Decrease cost of care
  • Achieve clinical compliance, Stars and HEDIS measures
  • Rich data optics

Capture Data Through Intelligent Conversations ​

Data-driven health ecosystem that delivers unlimited, proactive care at scale

Inbound Outbound Graphic

Angel can comprehend

  • Utterances
  • Interruptions
  • Nested response

Angel can automate escalation based on

  • Workflow and logic
  • Acuity and need

Angel can be deployed

  • in 72 languages and 200 accents

Angel is not just another chatbot

  • Sophisticated data flow and modalities

Why Empower?

EmpowerHealth is improving health, one conversation at a time. We forge impactful partnerships with health providers and payers to seamlessly connect individuals with enhanced health outcomes through the power of multi-modal conversation and augmented intelligence.

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Capabilities to Achieve Distinct Health and Financial Outcomes

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Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
Medication Adherence & Compliance
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
High Blood Pressure
Kidney Disease
Maternal and Well Child Care
Behavioral and Mental Health
Surveys and Satisfaction
Medication Adherence, Refills, Compliance
Health Risk Assessments
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