Our Vision

EmpowerHealth is improving health, one conversation at a time. We forge impactful partnerships with health providers, payers and partners to seamlessly connect individuals with enhanced health outcomes through the power of multi-modal conversation and augmented intelligence. Our leading conversational AI digital health assistant can help confirm eligibility, identify and close care gaps, improve medication adherence, reduce hospital admissions, enable value based care, and alleviate unnecessary care manager, call center administration. The result is better health and financial outcomes across the healthcare continuum.

Why EmpowerHealth?

The nation’s health is stressed. Our population is aging. And with unprecedented levels of multiple chronic conditions at all ages, it's challenging to access an increasingly complex, costly, and ineffective health system.​

There is hope.​

Rapidly evolving technologies, use of decision support tools, and aligned incentives are helping to improve health outcomes and experiences, while making healthcare more affordable. EmpowerHealth is at the heart of this evolution, empowering individuals to achieve better health. ​


Proactive Health Engagement​

Extend the Capacity and Reach of Your Teams​
Improve Health and Financial Outcomes​
Optimize the Impact of Your Health and Wellness Programs​

Informed by our deep health expertise and care and compassion for people, we forge impactful partnerships with health providers, payers and partners to seamlessly connect individuals with enhanced health outcomes through the power of augmented intelligence.

Our leading AI-enabled digital health assistant uses voice, text and chat to conversationally help confirm eligibility, close care gaps, improve medication adherence, reduce hospital admissions and enable value based care, while alleviating tedious caregiver and clinician administrative tasks.

We connect, activate, monitor, and help manage health. Our AI-enabled digital health assistant, is informed by data and clinical feedback, one person at a time. Each person has an experience that is intuitive, trusted, reliable, scalable, and personal--at no cost to the member or patient.


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Our Leadership Team

Bud Flagstad

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Penn

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Nick Martin

Chief Information Officer & EVP of Product

Kelly Gregorakis

Chief Marketing Officer

Margaret Kelly

Chief Growth Officer


Angel can comprehend

  • Utterances
  • Interruptions
  • Nested response

Angel can automate escalation based on

  • Workflow and logic
  • Acuity and need

Angel can be deployed

  • in 72 languages and 200 accents

Angel is not a chatbot

  • Sophisticated data flow and modalities

Meet Angel

We are solving healthcare’s most difficult obstacles by deploying our distinctive, conversational AI technology solution for payers, providers, and partners.

EmpowerHealth is transforming healthcare in ways that were previously not possible. Proactive engagement enables our clients to identify who needs attention, using realtime health data.

Members and patients receive direct intervention and appropriate resource allocation, leading to faster resolution. Call center staff, care teams and healthcare providers can focus on what matters most, closing gaps in care and improving outcomes.

Capture Data Through Intelligent Conversations ​

Data-driven health ecosystem that delivers unlimited, proactive care at scale.

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