Client and third party recognition. EmpowerHealth is leading the way for innovation and transformation in large scale engagement strategies.

EmpowerHealth brings together leading AI/ML solutions to expertly deliver meaningful engagement and impactful outcomes. EmpowerHealth can help you and your team close care gaps, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.


Our Provider Clients

“We pride ourselves on offering the latest digital technologies to help our elderly patients. Artificial Intelligence allows the continuity of care to flow from the hospital to the clinic and into the patients’ homes, all with an equally high level of patient involvement. EmpowerHealth is showing spectacular early results as ‘she’ acts as a virtual, medical companion for the elderly to help improve health and reduce healthcare costs.” — Medical doctor and CEO, Primary Care Practice

"I’m thrilled to be collaborating with EmpowerHealth to explore how their intelligent, assistive technologies can be leveraged to provide much needed mental health care to older adults with serious and chronic medical conditions. Together, we are developing scalable, evidence-based mental health care to at risk and vulnerable populations." -PhD Psychology, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Palliative Care Researcher

“Our partnership with EmpowerHealth, to verify eligibility of members for a specialty care program, resulted in incremental value on day one.” – Leader in Complex Condition Management

Tech Industry Recognition

1 of 5 Powerful Advances in AI: “Most applications of virtual nursing assistants today allow for more regular communication between patients and care providers between office visits to prevent hospital readmission or unnecessary hospital visits. [EmpowerHealth’s] virtual nurse assistant can even provide wellness checks through voice and AI.” – Forbes

“[EmpowerHealth] enables wellness checks through voice and AI to drive better medical outcomes at a lower cost. It is able to manage, monitor, and communicate using unique insights and real-time notifications.” – The 3 Most Valuable Applications of AI in Health Care” VentureBeat

“[EmpowerHealth] checks in with the patient and collects health information, identifying at-risk conditions and generating actionable insights for providers." – New England Journal of Medicine

Our Health Plan Clients

“EmpowerHealth has given us the ability to reach more patients and get them following their protocols. What used to take us weeks and 100s of hours of the clinical staff’s time is now handled in minutes by EmpowerHealth. More compliant patients and more time for us to focus on delivering care to them."

“With EmpowerHealth’s digital engagement tool, we increased our reach by 600 times, at 1/50th the cost.” – Large Managed Care Organization

“Our partnership with EmpowerHealth resulted in incremental value on day one.” – Leader in Complex Condition Management who partnered with EmpowerHealth to verify eligibility of members for a specialty care program

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