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Let our leading AI-enabled digital health assistant be your force multiplier, helping achieve your health and financial objectives, through efficient connections with individuals, payers and providers.

How We Do It

EmpowerHealth uses multi-modal conversational AI to augment client-defined solutions that extend their human capacity with assistance from transformative solutions that lower costs and improve outcomes.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

No volume constraints, which puts an end to unnecessary calls and provides faster triage, routing, and resolution.

Hyper-Personalized Pathways

Hyper-Personalized Pathways

Identify previously unknown issues in real time, targeting a transfer to appropriate care team, administrative staff or digital resource.

Better Reimbursements​

Better Reimbursements​

Leverage data and information collected to improve health and financial outcomes.

Engagement Achieved

Engagement Achieved

EmpowerHealth significantly increased the percent of individuals contacted, versus traditional engagement approaches.
Care Gaps Closed

Gaps in Care Closed

EmpowerHealth proactively identified gaps in care that resulted in 22% lower costs.
Average Clinical Savings

PMPM Clinical Savings

EmpowerHealth saved an ACO by proactive identifying gaps in care.

Impact and Outcomes

EmpowerHealth provides impact through clinical cost savings, improved employee engagement and helping to close gaps in care.

Our Impact

EmpowerHealth is designed to assist your teams to be more efficient, save time and money and focus on driving better financial and health outcomes.

Our solutions are proven to help improve members' health, increase engagement rates and reduce clinical and non-clinical costs.

Increase capacity and reach of your teams

Support your care teams by reducing their administrative burden.

Reach all populations at scale, 24/7, inbound and outbound conversations, in 70+ languages.

Improve the customer experience during times of change.

Optimize impact of health and wellness programs

Identify patients eligible for chronic condition management programs.

Improve medication management and adherence.

Increase benefits program participation.

Improve engagement with continuity of conversation.

Improve health and financial outcomes

Lower risk of hospital readmissions.

Proactively identify gaps in care.

Improve quality scores and satisfaction.

Help succeed at reducing utilization at higher cost settings.

Streamline Processes and Health Journeys

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Automate Interactions & Extend Capacity
Awareness, Onboarding & Assessments
Surveys & Satisfaction
Medication Adherence & Compliance
Chronic Condition Management
SDOH & Health Equity

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EmpowerHealth will work with you to operationalize a business case to exponentially extend your workforce and help you drive improved financial outcomes.

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