Enhance patient care, identify and prevent gaps, reduce preventable hospital (re)admissions, and lower costs while improving quality and patient insights.

Extend Capacity by ~10x With Conversational AI Capabilities

  • Deliver proactive, automated health monitoring, management and assessments to support your telephonic nurse care managers
  • Campaigns and care plans with dynamic, information- led pathways, transferring based on acuity
  • No volume constraints and faster time to resolution
  • Identify risk and escalate the right intervention for the right person at the right time
  • Improve care coordination and quality of care
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How We Execute: Strategic Care Management Enablement

Our offerings allow for quick, frictionless deployment that seamlessly connects individuals through the power of high touch, multi-modal conversations. During the implementation process, our client’s customize workflows and pathways to align with their unique business requirements and desired outcomes.

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Escalate interventions automatically


Hospital readmission reduction


PMPM savings


Practice’s patients meaningfully and sustainably engaged

Improved Clinical and Operational Outcomes

Reduce total cost of care and improve reimbursement rates for value based care contracts

Personalized health monitoring and management that triggers care manager alerts for proactive care opportunities and interventions.

care management

Innovative Digital Health Engagement Services

Clinicians are freed up to do what they do best - Deliver Care

EmpowerHealth is proven to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes through personalization and automation. Our clients empower members and patients with health education, care plan adherence and fast resolution when care gaps are identified - reducing unnecessary utilization at high cost settings.

Identify and address care gaps
Identify and address care gaps
Maximize value based care performance
Maximize value based care performance
Improve quality measures
Improve quality measures
Generate new revenue
Generate new revenue
Tailor care plans and pathways
Tailor care plans and pathways
Decrease clinician burnout
Decrease clinician burnout

Named 1 of the 3 Most Valuable Applications in AI Healthcare

EmpowerHealth enables wellness checks through voice and AI to drive better medical outcomes at a lowercost. It is able to manage, monitor, and communicate using unique insights and real-time notifications”.

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Leverage Conversational AI, Purpose Built for the Healthcare Enterprise

  • Drive enrollment / activation
  • Empower members
  • Proactive intervention
  • Address gaps based on acuity
  • Increase awareness
  • Improve PCP involvement
  • Prevention and lower risk
  • Connect with topics, tips and resources
  • Reduce cost of care
  • Achieve clinical compliance with HEDIS measures
  • Decrease impact of health conditions on ER / admissions

Capture Data Through Intelligent Conversations ​

Data-driven health ecosystem that delivers unlimited, proactive care at scale

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Angel can comprehend

  • Utterances
  • Interruptions
  • Nested response

Angel can automate escalation based on

  • Workflow and logic
  • Acuity and need

Angel can be deployed

  • in 72 languages and 200 accents

Angel is not a chatbot

  • Sophisticated data flow and modalities

Why Empower?

EmpowerHealth is improving health, one conversation at a time. We forge impactful partnerships with health providers and payers to seamlessly connect individuals with the care they need, when they need it. From simple to complex engagements, we enhance health quality and improve outcomes through the power of multi-modal conversation and augmented intelligence.

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A Wide Range of Campaigns and Care Plans

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Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
Medication Adherence & Compliance
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
High Blood Pressure
Pre and Post Surgery / Procedure
Behavioral Health
Medication Adherence & Compliance
Maternal and Well Child Health
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