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Let our leading AI-enabled digital health assistant be your force multiplier, helping achieve your health and financial objectives, through efficient connections with members, providers and administrators. Automate and personalize workflows for benefit registration, appointment scheduling, condition management, nurse triage and transfer, pharmacy, prevention, and more.

How We Do It

EmpowerHealth uses multi-modal conversation and augmented intelligence to forge impactful partnerships with health providers, payers and partners to effectively engage and seamlessly support their patients with enhanced health outcomes.

How We Do It

Increase capacity and reach of your teams

Augment call centers and help reduce call volumes, while improving net promoter scores (NPS).

Optimize impact of benefits programs

Confirm eligibility. Increase adoption rates. Improve engagement. Improve quality scores.

Impact and outcomes

Distinct results. Highest engagement. Lowest cost. Unlimited scale.


FTE needed to reach EmpowerHealth capacity equivalence


Engaged and consented to opt-in to maintenance calls from EmpowerHealth

EmpowerHealth significantly increased the percent of employees contacted, versus traditional engagement approaches.


Clinical capacity

Impact and Outcomes

EmpowerHealth helps drive extended capacity, clinical cost savings, and improved member engagement. We also help health plans close gaps in care.

The Value and Benefits We Provide

EmpowerHealth is designed to assist your teams to be more efficient, save time and money and focus on connecting members with the right care, at the right time.

Our solutions are proven to help improve members' health, increase engagement rates, and reduce clinical and non-clinical costs.

Increase capacity and reach of your contact centers, care teams, and call centers.

Reach all populations at scale, 24/7, inbound and outbound calls, in 70+ languages.

Improve the member experience during times of change.

Help address health equity.

Optimize impact of health and wellness programs

Confirm members' health vitals, well-being, and medication adherence.

Identify members eligible for chronic condition management programs.

Increase adoption rates by members in programs offered as part of their benefits.

Improve engagement with continuity of conversation.

Improve health and financial outcomes

Lower risk of hospital readmissions.

Proactively identify and address more gaps in care.

Improve Stars and HEDIS scores.

Help succeed in value based care.

Drive better quality of care.

Learn How We're Different

You and your care teams can experience incremental value and ROI from day one with EmpowerHealth. Unique capabilities to achieve distinct health and financial outcomes.

Learn How We're Different

A Wide Variety of Customized Campaigns and Care Plans

Automate Interactions & Extend Capacity

Awareness, Onboarding & Assessments

Surveys & Satisfaction

Medication Adherence & Compliance

Chronic Condition Management

SDOH & Health Equity

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EmpowerHealth will work with you to customize a business case that will exponentially extend the capacity of your workforce and help you drive clinical and financial results.

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