Convenient personalization and automation tools to nudge individuals about needed screenings, preventative care, appointments, medication adherence, refills, and more.

Streamline Workflows, Reduce Cost and Remove Barriers to Care

  • Improve care coordination, monitor follow up care and appointment scheduling
  • Confirm address and medication refill for home delivery
  • Validate eligibility and verification for coverage and programs
  • Improve medication adherence and quality of care
  • Increase annual wellness visits (AWV) and preventative care services
Reminders and Checkins

How We Execute:

Our solutions are modern, friendly and easy to use, reducing barriers to care. Individuals connect seamlessly through the power of multi-modal conversations.

Reminders and Check Ins Chats

Extend reach and capacity


Auto-refill enrollment goals surpassed


Exceeded client benchmark


Individuals confirmed address on file and medications for home delivery

Efficiency and Accuracy That Results in Better Quality and Outcomes

Home delivery pharmacy increased activation for mail service prescription and refills

Large pharmacy didn't have the bandwidth to reach out to all of the people in their population to enroll them in prescription and auto refill services. EmpowerHealth made it easy, efficient and affordable. Of the individuals who verified all layers of HIPAA and consent, 90% completed the entire conversation.

Optimize Engagement

Optimize Engagement

EmpowerHealth assists healthcare stakeholders to reduce contact center friction and deliver high value interactions

Advanced decision support tools and a multi-lingual approach

Human-centric interactions
Human-centric interactions
Highly customized workflows
Highly customized workflows
Address staff shortages
Address staff shortages
Here’s what our clients are saying

Here’s what our clients are saying

“EmpowerHealth has given us the ability to reach more patients and get them following their protocols. What used to take us weeks and 100s of hours of the clinical staff’s time is now handled in minutes by EmpowerHealth. More compliant patients and more time for us to focus on delivering care to them."

Transformative Experience for Individuals and Healthcare Stakeholders

  • Drive enrollment / activation
  • Empower members and patients
  • Proactive intervention
  • Address gaps based on needs and acuity
  • Increase awareness and activation
  • Improve care coordination
  • Prevention and risk reduction
  • Connect with topics, tips and resources
  • Improve Stars and HEDIS measures
  • Achieve clinical and care plan compliance
  • Decrease impact of health conditions on ER / admissions

Capture Data Through Intelligent Conversations ​

Data-driven health ecosystem that delivers unlimited, proactive care at scale

Inbound Outbound Graphic

Angel can comprehend

  • Utterances
  • Interruptions
  • Nested response

Angel can automate escalation based on

  • Workflow and logic
  • Acuity and need

Angel can be deployed

  • in 72 languages and 200 accents

Angel is not a chatbot

  • Sophisticated data flow and modalities

Why Empower?

EmpowerHealth is improving health, one conversation at a time. We forge impactful partnerships with health providers and payers to seamlessly connect individuals with enhanced health outcomes through the power of bi-directional, multi-modal conversation and augmented intelligence.

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Diverse Campaigns, Care Plans and Use Cases

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Contact Center Capacity Extension
Awareness, Onboarding and Activation
Surveys and Satisfaction
Medication Adherence, Refills, Compliance
Prevention and Screening
Chronic Condition Management
Education, SDoH and Health Equity
Appointment reminders and Scheduling Support
Health and Vitals Monitoring
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