Case Study

How a Value Based Care Practice Realized 22% Cost Savings

The Challenge

A value based care (VBC) practice faced challenges reaching their Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients between office visits. With more than 30,000 patients, they recognized their clinicians and administrators were spending too much time sifting through patient data and doing manual outreach with low to no ability to identify the people who were most at risk or not adhering to their care plan. This resulted in wasted labor hours and lost clinical capacity - and potentially not reaching the people that needed to hear from them.

How a Value Based Care Practice Realized 22% Cost Savings

The Solution

EmpowerHealth partnered with the VBC organization to engage their patients, enhance patient care plan understanding and compliance, prevent gaps in care, reduce preventable hospital (re)admissions, and lower costs while improving quality and patient insights. EmpowerHealth contacted patients up to three times per month to collect their vitals, well-being and medication adherence measures; coordinate follow-up visits; and alert the care team if a patient needed a clinical intervention or a prescription refill. EmpowerHealth also identified needs around food insecurity or transportation issues, helping to drive better outcomes and improve reimbursement rates for value based care contracts.

The Impact

EmpowerHealth’s conversational AI-enabled digital health assistant conducted regular, proactive outreach to patient's, resulting in:

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Members Meaningfully Engaged

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Gaps In Care Identified, Addressed and Resolved

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PMPM Savings

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Hours Saved per Day per Clinician

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