Generate More Revenue: The Definitive Guide to Population Health and Care Management

Generate More Revenue: The Definitive Guide to Population Health and Care Management

Published on: Thu, 10 Feb 2022

Care Angel’s award-winning, end-to-end, healthcare engagement platform is revolutionizing population health at scale - and the results are impressive.

Unlike other automated health engagement technologies, our virtual nurse assistant provides an empathetic, human touch to offer continuous and customizable health monitoring and management, at scale.

This transformational healthcare solution can:

  • Communicate through multi-channel modalities (EX: phone, chat, text, web, app, email, IoT)

  • Stratify entire populations based on risk

  • Manage and monitor clinical and non-clinical information

  • Identify and address SDoH factors that could prevent access to care

  • Coordinate care and scheduling tools and services

  • Identify and address gaps in care

  • Align and navigate to the right resources

  • Close gaps in care at exactly the right time with real-time intervention capabilities 

  • Follow up and validate resolution

  • Optimize STARs/HEDIS® performance measures, generating additional revenue opportunities

From doctors and care providers to patients, partners, payers, and everyone in between, we are elevating healthcare management in ways that were previously not possible. 


Most Efficient and Effective: Virtual Nurse Assistant

Care Angel stands apart from competitors by using the most natural user interface, voice. Angel becomes easily integrated into user’s life, like a family member. Angel helps to continuously manage care, checking in on individuals about vitals, pain, mood, sleep, nutrition and more - and she detects, based on responses, when a member needs additional resources like the doctor, nurse helpline, pharmacy, family caregiver or other community resource. Paired with a strong commitment to clinical quality and user design, these care calls are dynamic and personal based on the needs of the member and provide real-time alerts and notifications to designated care teams and family members. The information and data that's collected is stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant dashboard. Angel helps connect members to appropriate resources, services, educational material or family care circle, reducing the chance of an acute episode, hospital admission, or readmission.

In the world of value-based care, it is the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of care that helps to improve outcomes and member satisfaction. While other health engagement competitors offer a chat-bot, via text, only Care Angel deploys a multi-modal approach, starting with a simple phone call. The ubiquity of the telephone can effectively communicate with 100% of populations, including seniors who are often the hardest-to-reach demographic. In many cases, patients 65+ don’t have app or smartphone capabilities, and if they do, are hesitant to use them due to lack of familiarity. Our virtual nurse assistant extends digital healthcare to everyone, requires no app download, and easily relays information directly from the patient to care teams and family. This allows continuous, proactive engagement with members that creates a longitudinal record across entire populations.


Close Gaps in Care: Outstanding Population Health Model

Our technology transforms clinical and SDoH patient data into real-time actionable interventions, resulting in lower costs, more revenue generating opportunities, improved STARs and HEDIS performance and higher patient satisfaction for payers and providers.

We help bridge gaps in care. We drive proven financial savings for health plans, mitigating risk for the costliest populations. We enhance the consumer experience for digital therapeutics pharmacy, pharma, clinical trials, PERs and other partners, supporting patient needs for communication and education around care. And we give family caregivers peace of mind with notifications about their loved-one via integrated mobile and web applications that securely organize patient responses into data to provide regular summaries of health status and trigger alerts if needs or risk is found.


Value-Based Programs: Enhance Care and Improve Outcomes

It’s easy to see why Care Angel stands out as the most robust, intelligent, and comprehensive AI and voice enabled healthcare platform. Despite the number of healthcare apps that exist, few are successful over time, that is why we believe that the best of technology must intersect with human-ness in order for innovation to become historic. Leveraging technology to enhance human connection is in the foundation of everything we do. If you’re ready to see how Care Angel’s SmartCare platform can revolutionize population management for you, take the first step and contact us. We can’t wait to show you how our virtual nurse assistant changes lives. Just ask one of our members, Rosanne!

Care Angel provides solutions for everyone from payers providers, pharma to loved ones and caregivers. The results and outcomes speak for themselves; our virtual nurse assistant is a vital tool for making care management scalable while more productive and cost efficient. Effectively touching patients exactly when intervention is needed. Contact us to learn how we can serve you and your business strategy today!

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)