How AI Digital Health Assistants Are Resulting in Exponential Outcomes In Value Based Care

How AI Digital Health Assistants Are Resulting in Exponential Outcomes In Value Based Care

article written by EmpowerHealth

Published on: Fri, 23 Dec 2022

When it comes to healthcare engagement, there's a myriad of ways to communicate: email, video, SMS, IVR, direct mail, telephone and the list goes on. Among all these options, voice offers the most advantages in touching lives, but until now, it just wasn't affordable to scale.

Today, there is a rapidly growing trend of AI and Voice as an interface to scale quality healthcare engagement, monitoring and management. Here's why:

  • Low to no barrier to entry

  • Easily adopted by all ages

  • Enables connection without the need for expensive devices or wifi service

  • Creates an emotional bond and has the capability to learn over time

  • Provides bi-directional experience that other engagement methods do not deliver

  • Collects data and analytics that can identify and respond to risk in real-time 


At EmpowerHealth we understand that the entire healthcare experience revolves around the patient. From that core premise, we see countless examples among our healthcare partners successfully achieving condition-specific, personalized patient engagement that results in:

Extending care beyond the clinical setting into the home, regularly and continuously
Identifying patients who are in need of care, avoiding missed care opportunities
Improving triage, intervention and the delivery of remote care when deemed necessary
Empowering the patient and their family caregivers by giving them the tools and voice to participate   in their own health, wellbeing and care plans
Reducing clinical and operational costs, improving ROI and patient satisfaction


  • 17% is the average avoidable hospital admission (caused by gaps in care)

  • 22% is the average avoidable hospital readmission (caused by gaps in care)

  • $10-25K is the average cost for a Medicaid patient readmission

At Care Angel, we align actionable data and advanced analytics so that providers and care teams, like you, can better care for populations. Together, we have reduced avoidable readmissions by 63% and lowered clinical costs by over $496k, per one thousand patients, annually.


Step 1: Personalized welcome call to the patient, from the familiar voice of their provider to build rapport and reinforce engagement 

Step 2: Proactive Care Calls across entire populations. Consistent, evidence-based care plans based on chronic condition(s)

Step 3: Automatically trigger alerts that identify patients needing attention, in real-time to help care teams avoid missed care opportunities

Step 4: One click live transfers to seamlessly connect to clinician or care team for triage or intervention and resolution

Step 5: Real-time data and analytics, plus quarterly contract performance reporting, including avoidable hospital admission and readmission reduction and improved outcomes

Organizations such as payers, providers, MCO’s, ACO’s, MSO’s, IPA’s and others that manage costly, high-risk Medicare and Medicaid populations can achieve the highest health engagement, monitoring and management in the industry by using Angel, Virtual Nurse Assistant.

We place the patient at the center of the eco-system to deliver a level of engagement that has never before been possible.