Meet Angel: The World's First Virtual Nurse Assistant

Meet Angel: The World's First Virtual Nurse Assistant

Published on: Wed, 07 Sep 2022

When it comes to navigating the care for high-risk, vulnerable patients or loved ones, constant monitoring and engagement is required of healthcare providers and family members in order to maintain positive patient health outcomes. Care Angel is using artificial intelligence to rewrite healthcare management strategies through the use of Angel: the world’s first virtual nurse assistant.

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Care Angel’s voice powered virtual nurse assistant can help ease daily population health management for payers and providers that are taking risk and responsibility for patient health outcomes. This innovative virtual nurse assistant leverages real-time clinical and non-clinical data and analytics to confidently make informed decisions that prevent unnecessary ED visits and readmissions.

Whether you’re managing the efficiency and effectiveness of patient access and care delivery centered around chronic condition management, or want to close gaps in care post-discharge, the way forward is AI-powered technology. Specically, AI-driven technology that knows who is doing well and who is not in real time.

Meet Angel: The 24/7 Listening and Learning Virtual Nurse Assistant

How does Angel work? Angel extends beyond episodic care, and serves to address everyday health and chronic care management. Through personalized calls, alerts, and notifications to clinicians, and optional connectivity to family caregivers, Angel provides peace of mind without sacrificing high-quality care. This first-of-its-kind virtual nurse assistant utilizes robust data and analytics to ensure better results, and provides benefits in terms of engagement solutions, chronic condition monitoring, and healthcare management platforms.

Engagement Solution

  • Enables smart and dynamic technology that helps with care plan and medication adherence

  • Provides personalized, guided conversations by voice, reducing technology barriers

  • Allows for continuous, proactive engagement and care coordination between visits

  • Collects biometrics and other useful data regarding patient wellbeing automatically

  • Informs clinical decision support in real time

  • Resolves issues before a negative episode or hospitalization occurs

Chronic Condition Monitoring

  • Offers best in class, out-of-the box, evidence-based care plan templates

  • Evolves conversational automatically over time as patient needs change

  • Listens for indicators that could result in adverse outcomes for patients and members

  • Provides care between visits to most vulnerable, at-risk care recipients

Healthcare Management Platform

  • Not limited to one set of functions, rules, logic, or script

  • Allows the provider or payer to set the frequency of care “touches”

  • Makes data actionable the minute it’s received (Legacy systems can only store data)

  • Offers optional functionality to enable families to help reinforce care

  • Empowers the patient to adopt healthy behavior choices using omni-channel conversations

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