Care Angel CEO Wolf Shlagman Talks About AI and Virtual Nurse Assistant, Angel. 

Care Angel, the brainchild of Wolf Shlagman, CEO, Founder and Chief Angel is featured in the latest publication of Insightscare 10 Most Innovative Companies Bringing AI to Healthcare

The age of the AI nurse assistants in healthcare is here. Consider that worldwide, the population who are aged 60 years or over were numbered at 962 million individuals in 2017. The case for improved automation, productivity and operational efficiency is clear.

Healthcare organizations from MSO, ACO, health systems, payers, telehealth providers, pharmacy and care management and monitoring companies are all seeking ways to improve both management and coordination of care, plus reduce costs and improve outcomes. Check out the article to see how we do it with a dynamic, omni-channel workflow that results in the highest engagement possible. 

Our partner clients and the individuals they serve are able to make healthcare more human, more accessible and more proactive, resulting in a reduction of avoidable ED visits, admissions and readmissions.