Managing high-risk populations like Medicare and Medicaid patients is hard and time consuming. At a time when clinical resources are scarce, Care Angel makes effective care easier with an innovative, digital health engagement service.

By identifying risk across massive populations, clients are able to proactively address and close gaps early - outside of the clinical setting. 

Work Force Shortages and Care Access

Health plans and providers are facing mounting complexities. They need to address  fragmented care, compliance to care plans, medication adherence, aging and polychronic populations and a major shortage of clinicians that could benefit from an augmented staff to extend outreach. 

Good news: Care Angel’s impact on the overwhelmed, traditional care management models is proven to yield a  7x labor equivalency. Proactively capturing vitals, well-being and SDoH information using voice, text and chat conversations helps predict and prevent negative downstream healthcare events that lead to ED visit or (re)admission.

70% of Healthcare Costs are Preventable

The unified goal is to provide better options for managing populations, especially high risk. We can efficiently augment expensive care management, which improves care access and triage to the right resources at the right time automatically.

This powerful combination delivers:

  • Enhanced quality of care that improves population outcomes for both patients, providers and payers

  • Optimization of existing resources, enhancing clinician experience

  • Improved health monitoring and member engagement

  • More comprehensive care for broad array of conditions among high-acuity patients with diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure and high-risk pregnancy

  • Finding gaps and automating documentation (boosts outcomes, ROI and revenue)


What is the Most Valuable Technology for Healthcare Systems?

Augmented Intelligence, distributed through omni-channel interactions, is poised to lead the transformation of care management. Using cognitive technology to go beyond passive remote monitoring, Care Angel is already lowering labor costs, improving efficiencies, and enabling effective interactions that engage patients in a personalized way when and where they want proactively identify individuals that need healthcare support.

The time for a new approach is right now. Care Angel’s virtual nurse assistant offers a new way for healthcare stakeholders to provide care needed by millions of patients, while improving outcomes. 

We all know that patient health issues only get worse without effective management, meaningful engagement and timely action.  Especially for chronic illnesses that require expensive care, even small changes in patient health behavior can result in better outcomes and a dramatic impact on overall healthcare costs! 


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