Care Angel Launches HEALS Rapid Response COVID-19 Back to Work, Back to Community (Safely) Programs Using On-Demand Workforce of AI, Voice Powered Digital Nurse Assistants
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Care Angel Launches HEALS Rapid Response COVID-19 Back to Work, Back to Community (Safely) Programs Using On-Demand Workforce of AI, Voice Powered Digital Nurse Assistants

Published on: Wed, 02 Sep 2020

The industry leader in automation and scalable Augmented Intelligence (AI)-powered Virtual Nurse Assistants, today announced the availability of a new "HEALS" (Help Early Awareness Logistics and Surveillance) program designed to address the dire need for smart, safe and quick to deploy return to school solutions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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HEALS Back2School (Safely) ™ was launched to offer powerful COVID-19 screening and self-assessment tools to detect, identify and protect students, faculty, staff and communities from the risk of virus spread. The program is an extension of the company's award-winning SmartCare Platform and HEALS programs for health plans, employers and government that handle the continuous engagement, management, triage, navigation and care support of millions of at-risk populations. Leveraging the ANGEL platform, schools and communities are now empowered to perform proactive clinical intake continuously through phone calls and texts and at massive scale. With this approach, large populations can check-in virtually with ANGEL, completing COVID-19 screenings and be notified of risk in real-time.

As administrations across the country struggle to find a way to ensure a successful, staged return to classrooms and reduce education disruption - while minimizing student, staff and faculty health risks - technology solutions are increasingly being evaluated as a means to continuously engage, manage, monitor, and care for these at-risk populations. The ANGEL offering provides access to live resources for testing and contact tracing, while real time analytics are delivered securely to the schools and universities to maintain the highest level of safety protocols at the lowest cost.

Care Angel's HEALS Back2School (Safely) Program can be deployed in as little as five days and its unlimited workforce of Virtual Nurse Assistants will offer screening capabilities that make the process streamlined, efficient and effective with the ability to:

Enable users to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms often (daily or 2x day, automatically covering hundreds of thousands of people across large geographic areas)

Gather critical information and clinical input for staff, students and families to be alerted in real time if they are cleared to go to work/school

Detect who requires medical intervention, testing, isolation and/or contract tracing

Reinforce and update safety protocols to make the environment safe

Inform and remind staff, students and families of policies and PPE recommendations by school administration

Deploy a seamless, intelligent, efficient process to maintain continuity and safety

Track, alert and report on virus detection and other clinical and non-clinical findings in a robust analytics-driven dashboard

"As society looks towards the '20-'21 academic year, parents, teachers and kids are afraid. It is imperative that we find smart, scalable solutions to help protect schools, students and faculty to enable a safe return to the classroom," said Wolf Shlagman, CEO, Care Angel. "With the introduction of the Care Angel HEALS Back2School (Safely) program, we are able to harness the power of our Augmented Intelligence-powered, on-demand Virtual Nurse Assistants who can continuously and proactively monitor, screen and evaluate the health and well-being of an entire school district or university population as a means to identify COVID-19 risk quickly and at scale."