Care Angel Launches Offering to Support Managed Care Plans Charged with Medicaid Redeterminations
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Care Angel Launches Offering to Support Managed Care Plans Charged with Medicaid Redeterminations

Published on: Wed, 08 Mar 2023

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Care Angel, the leader in AI digital health engagement, announces today its offering to support health insurers in maximizing outreach efforts to recertify the nation’s estimated 91 million Medicaid members. The company’s offering is announced amidst the unwinding of the public health emergency, which had allowed for the continuous enrollment of members.

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The end of the public health emergency, which was announced in January 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, now requires health insurers with Medicaid plans to begin eligibility redeterminations, effective April 1. At risk are the tens of millions of Medicaid members who may lose their benefits if they’re not determined eligible or have missing or incomplete information.

Care Angel offers well-timed, personalized conversations that support health insurers’ cost-containment, revenue retention, and labor-shortage mitigation efforts. Campaigns can be executed quickly and in alignment with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines. Angel, the company’s AI digital health engagement platform, strategically maximizes outreach, while accommodating the preferences and communication needs of Medicaid beneficiaries for phone, text, or secure chat in more than 72 languages.

Angel’s engagement captures members’ household information updates, such as mailing address, employment, income, health, and risk status. The company’s offering is deployed within a secure platform that supports HIPAA compliance.

“Care Angel is uniquely positioned to provide this capability to health insurers, many of which plan to conduct 10 or more touchpoints per beneficiary over the next year,” says Bud Flagstad, chief executive officer at Care Angel. Flagstad spent nearly 16 years in executive leadership roles at UnitedHealth Group.

“We are currently working with large health plans in support of their collective outreach efforts to contact members, in their language, using their preferred method of communication, which includes text as an essential channel,” he adds.

Care Angel deploys solutions that help payers, in addition to providers, health systems, and traditional and virtual healthcare delivery organizations, improve the patient experience and maximize the use of scarce resources.