Care Angel's Payer Client Nets $62M in Clinical and Operational Savings Over 18 Months
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Care Angel's Payer Client Nets $62M in Clinical and Operational Savings Over 18 Months

Published on: Wed, 07 Dec 2022

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Care Angel, the leader in AI voice-enabled, nurse assistant technology that proactively identifies and addresses patient care gaps to improve outcomes for whole populations, announces today that one of the nation’s largest payers generated $62 million in clinical and operational savings from 2021-2022 as a result of its partnership with the company. With Angel, the company’s digital health engagement platform, the large national payer extended clinical capacity by 600 times, while achieving $49.3 million in readmissions savings and $12.7 million in reduced labor costs.

Angel surfaces the members who need access to resources, information, or clinical support in real time. The multimodal platform, which is accessible by voice, text, and chat, supports payers and providers by increasing patient engagement, which means greater reach without the added labor costs.

Conversely, with a fully in-sourced nurse call center, payers reach approximately 10% of members—and at a higher cost—in an effort to surface care gaps. With Angel, payers have access to a proven machine-learning platform, informed and trained by clinical experts for more than six years. As a result, payers of all sizes can dramatically increase clinical capacity, without adding labor costs, which supports nurses and care managers working at the top of their licenses.

“Payers understand that simply employing more nurses at call centers isn’t going to provide members with the continuous support they need to inform more effective care at scale, while driving positive outcomes,” says Bud Flagstad, chief executive officer at Care Angel. Flagstad spent nearly 16 years in executive leadership roles at UnitedHealth Group.

“Angel is a data-driven platform that helps deliver high touch experiences to bend the cost curve while ensuring faster, easier access to care with the appropriate interventions,” he adds. “We’re thrilled to support one of the nation’s largest payers in engaging with millions of patients. The result is a dramatic reduction in call center costs and the proactive identification and addressing of care gaps in real time for whole populations.”

Care Angel deploys solutions that help payers, in addition to providers, health systems, and traditional and virtual healthcare delivery organizations, improve the patient experience and reduce avoidable readmissions.