Medicaid Directors Expect Medicaid Enrollment to Drop by Almost 9%

Medicaid Directors Expect Medicaid Enrollment to Drop by Almost 9%

Published on: Mon, 04 Dec 2023

A sharp drop in Medicaid enrollment–of 8.6%–is expected in 2024, according to reporting by The Hill. Of course, the larger context is the Medicaid unwinding that started with the end of the public health emergency in May.  

The drop in Medicaid enrollment is just one pain point revealed in a recent KFF survey of the nation’s Medicaid directors. 

Here are 4 more learnings about the Medicaid unwinding from the KFF survey: 

  1. 1. More than 1 million low-income people no longer have access to Medicaid, as of November 8. 

  1. 2. At least 2 million children (likely an undercount) have lost Medicaid coverage. 

  1. 3. More than 70% of people lost Medicaid coverage due to procedural reasons, such as state officials’ mistakes or lost paperwork. 

  1. 4. State spending on Medicaid is expected to increase by 17% next year as a result of the phasing out of federal financial assistance. 

While Medicaid directors attempt to contend with these and other realities, they’re also faced with workforce challenges. In a recent KFF webinar, Amir Bassiri, deputy commissioner of the Office of Health Insurance Programs and New York State Medicaid director, and Jennifer Strohecker, Medicaid director, Utah Department of Health and Human Services, pointed to labor shortages as a top issue they’re facing and expect to contend with in 2024. 

To help address these and other challenges, EmpowerHealth supports Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs) in achieving ambitious targets by:   

  • Addressing labor shortages and economic impact 

  • Rapidly identifying members and patients with outdated contact information 

  • Confirming mailing address and other contact details for members and patients 

  • Driving SDOH efforts 

  • Educating members and patients on how and why to re-enroll  

  • Sending text messages with education and other resources 

  • Improving program enrollment efficiency and outcomes 

MCOs around the country rely on Angel, an AI-assisted engagement service developed by EmpowerHealth that is purpose built to drive improvements in health and well-being. Some of the nation’s largest health organizations partner with EmpowerHealth to boost communications, help close care gaps, mitigate risks, and improve clinical and operational outcomes. 

One of our large national payer client’s netted $62 million in clinical and operational savings over 18 months.   

We’re optimizing engagement, navigation, and education for our clients, while reducing the cost of care. By identifying and addressing care gaps in real time, our clients capture care opportunities and boost quality, while improving intervention for members and patients who need it.  

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