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Care Angel Launches Offering to Support Managed Care Plans Charged with Medicaid Redeterminations

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Care Angel, the leader in AI digital health engagement, announces today its offering to support health insurers in maximizing outreach efforts to recertify the nation’s estimated 91 million Medicaid members. The company’s offering is announced amidst the unwinding of the public health emergency, which had allowed for the continuous enrollment of members.

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The end of the public health emergency, which was announced in January 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, now requires health insurers with Medicaid plans to begin eligibility redeterminations, effective April 1. At risk are the tens of millions of Medicaid members who may lose their benefits if they’re not determined eligible or have missing or incomplete information.

Care Angel offers well-timed, personalized conversations that support health insurers’ cost-containment, revenue retention, and labor-shortage mitigation efforts. Campaigns can be executed quickly and in alignment with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines. Angel, the company’s AI digital health engagement platform, strategically maximizes outreach, while accommodating the preferences and communication needs of Medicaid beneficiaries for phone, text, or secure chat in more than 72 languages.

Angel’s engagement captures members’ household information updates, such as mailing address, employment, income, health, and risk status. The company’s offering is deployed within a secure platform that supports HIPAA compliance.

“Care Angel is uniquely positioned to provide this capability to health insurers, many of which plan to conduct 10 or more touchpoints per beneficiary over the next year,” says Bud Flagstad, chief executive officer at Care Angel. Flagstad spent nearly 16 years in executive leadership roles at UnitedHealth Group.

“We are currently working with large health plans in support of their collective outreach efforts to contact members, in their language, using their preferred method of communication, which includes text as an essential channel,” he adds.

Care Angel deploys solutions that help payers, in addition to providers, health systems, and traditional and virtual healthcare delivery organizations, improve the patient experience and maximize the use of scarce resources.



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Care Angel's Payer Client Nets $62M in Clinical and Operational Savings Over 18 Months

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Care Angel, the leader in AI voice-enabled, nurse assistant technology that proactively identifies and addresses patient care gaps to improve outcomes for whole populations, announces today that one of the nation’s largest payers generated $62 million in clinical and operational savings from 2021-2022 as a result of its partnership with the company. With Angel, the company’s digital health engagement platform, the large national payer extended clinical capacity by 600 times, while achieving $49.3 million in readmissions savings and $12.7 million in reduced labor costs.

Angel surfaces the members who need access to resources, information, or clinical support in real time. The multimodal platform, which is accessible by voice, text, and chat, supports payers and providers by increasing patient engagement, which means greater reach without the added labor costs.

Conversely, with a fully in-sourced nurse call center, payers reach approximately 10% of members—and at a higher cost—in an effort to surface care gaps. With Angel, payers have access to a proven machine-learning platform, informed and trained by clinical experts for more than six years. As a result, payers of all sizes can dramatically increase clinical capacity, without adding labor costs, which supports nurses and care managers working at the top of their licenses.

“Payers understand that simply employing more nurses at call centers isn’t going to provide members with the continuous support they need to inform more effective care at scale, while driving positive outcomes,” says Bud Flagstad, chief executive officer at Care Angel. Flagstad spent nearly 16 years in executive leadership roles at UnitedHealth Group.

“Angel is a data-driven platform that helps deliver high touch experiences to bend the cost curve while ensuring faster, easier access to care with the appropriate interventions,” he adds. “We’re thrilled to support one of the nation’s largest payers in engaging with millions of patients. The result is a dramatic reduction in call center costs and the proactive identification and addressing of care gaps in real time for whole populations.”

Care Angel deploys solutions that help payers, in addition to providers, health systems, and traditional and virtual healthcare delivery organizations, improve the patient experience and reduce avoidable readmissions.



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Care Angel and Upside Partner to Offer AI-Driven Housing and SDOH Benefit to Health Insurers

MIAMI & FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Care Angel, the leader in AI voice, nurse assistant technology that proactively identifies and addresses care gaps to improve outcomes for whole populations, and Upside, the only fully managed living option for older adults creating a new category of senior living, announce today a partnership to offer a comprehensive health-risk assessment and housing intervention solution to health insurers.

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This new offering will provide health insurers with actionable intelligence about their members at low, moderate, or high risk for factors such as chronic conditions, lack of medication adherence, preventative care, and social determinants of health (SDOH) measures such as housing.

One in five Americans is projected to be 65 years of age or older by 2030, according to the U.S. Census. A triggering event – which can include one of the “5 Ds,” a death, downsizing, divorce, disaster, or disability – can drive the need to seek new housing. But many seniors lack a full-time support network to help them navigate finding a new home that meets their specific social engagement and health needs. Health insurers are typically unaware that their members are going through these life transitions, and this lack of awareness about their members can contribute to poor health outcomes.

While many health insurers have invested resources in data mining to better understand their members’ needs, where they need greater insight is in understanding their members’ SDOH risks, in particular with housing. Through the Care Angel-Upside partnership, health insurers will have the intelligence they need to predict individual members’ SDOH risks more accurately and respond to their most pressing needs.

“Health insurers continue to curate and mine data, while adding benefits for Medicare Advantage members, but data fragmentation and point solutions often lead to missed care opportunities,” says Bud Flagstad, chief executive officer at Care Angel. “By pairing our highly scalable consumer engagement service with the deep expertise and network of nearly 2,500 communities nationwide, the Care Angel-Upside partnership seamlessly integrates a much needed service to ease the transition to appropriate housing support. With this partnership, the two companies will deliver on health insurers’ need for real-time, secure, scalable, granular-level detail of members’ SDOH, as a result of Angel’s personalized and proactive conversations with members.”

“As we continue to grow the size of our communities and expand into new markets, we’re constantly auditing our offerings to ensure we’re anticipating our members’ needs,” says Upside co-founder Jake Rothstein. “Through our partnership with Care Angel, we’re not only able to remain competitive within the industry – creating a lifestyle that isn’t available through traditional senior living models – but we’re also showing our current and future members that we’re looking to grow older with them and offer support that evolves with their needs.”

The combined offering is currently available in 97 markets across 42 states. By early 2023, it’s expected that the offering will be available in all 50 states.

Note to editors: Nick Martin, chief information officer and EVP of product at Care Angel, and Jake Rothstein, co-founder at Upside, are available to discuss this partnership, in addition to seniors’ SDOH needs, in particular with housing. Nick and Jake will also be at HLTH in Las Vegas from Nov. 13 to 16.

About Care Angel: Founded in 2016, Care Angel is the leader in AI voice, nurse assistant technology that proactively identifies and addresses care gaps to improve outcomes for whole populations. The company provides Angel, a patient-focused digital health engagement service that helps individuals maintain health and well-being, close gaps in care, and improve outcomes.

About Upside: Upside is the only fully managed living option for older adults and is an entirely new category of senior living. The company utilizes modern apartments in vibrant, safe, amenity-rich apartment communities and provides a turnkey and frictionless living experience for those who desire simplified living, later in life.



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Care Angel Continues Leadership Team Expansion Welcoming Mike Twigg as Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President of Global Sales

Miami, FL - February 10, 2022 – 

Care Angel, the leader in digital health engagement and collaboration using AI and voice nurse assistant technology, today announced the appointment of Mike Twigg as chief revenue officer and executive vice president of global sales. Mr. Twigg brings to the position over 32 years of experience leading and mentoring teams and driving substantial growth in client asset size and annual revenue. Earlier in his career he was highly instrumental in pioneering several flagship products for Wolters Kluwer, one of the largest providers of compliance solutions to financial institutions in the world with annual revenues of $4.6 billion. 

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His leadership background in spearheading growth initiatives and developing stronger, sustainable relationships will translate in his role with Care Angel, where he will be responsible for serving large clients while providing strategic guidance, extending sales and expanding market share. In Mr. Twigg’s previous role he consistently exceeded sales performance goals across approximately 44 top tier national accounts.

“Mike’s extensive experience as a sales industry veteran is expected to be an invaluable asset to Care Angel as we continue to advance our next-generation cognitive technology services, accelerate our sales efforts and move up market to acquire larger payer clients and expand our footprint across health systems and more mature provider groups,” said Bud Flagstad, Care Angel CEO. “He brings to the role a substantial track record of successfully driving complex enterprise sales. The Care Angel team is looking forward to building off those achievements as we go to the next level.”  

Mr. Twigg earned his BS in Psychology from the University of Michigan and has received numerous professional recognitions for high performance throughout his career as well as several Innovation Awards in a Global Competition.  

 “The Care Angel solution is truly a game changer - capable of addressing many of the critical issues facing healthcare and society today, especially during this trying pandemic, delivering personalized service to those that need it, when they need it, where they need it and at a lower cost, “said Mr. Twigg. “I am excited to join the company’s executive team at a time of such positive transformation for the company in terms of the growth opportunities but also in the potential to use AI cognitive technology to upend how patients are engaged and their conditions are monitored, and at tremendous scale that was previously not possible.”

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Care Angel Announces appointment of Nick Martin as CIO, Achieves HITRUST CSF Certification Through the Health Information Trust Alliance

Care Angel, the leader in AI and voice-enabled nurse assistant technology, recently appointed Nick Martin as the company’s chief information officer (CIO). Mr. Martin brings to the Care Angel role more than 20 years of healthcare technology experience including an extensive background working with Fortune 100 organizations, while also being responsible for driving the growth agenda of multiple startups. Known as an industry thought leader and innovator, he provides expertise in application development, infrastructure, analytics and digital consumer engagement while challenging the status quo to create exceptional constituent experiences.

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Most recently, Mr. Martin served as chief technology officer for DuPage Medical Group, where he oversaw the end-to-end technology footprint of a multi-specialty physician group and managed service organization. At DuPage, he directed the design and deployment of a next generation data platform to enable the delivery of efficient operations and helped the organization navigate a global pandemic that required the rapid scaling of telemedicine capabilities. He also served as CIO at Optum International and directed the Innovation Research and Development team for UnitedHealth Group.  

“As a healthcare organization, Care Angel is committed to ensuring that our patients personal health information is protected at all times and that we are in full compliance with associated regulatory mandates which can be highly complex and change frequently,” said Bud Flagstad, CEO of Care Angel. “We are excited to welcome Nick to our rapidly growing executive management team as CIO, as he brings to the position extensive expertise when it comes to successfully managing the intricacies of data security functions.” 

As further validation of the company’s dedication to ensuring for the premier level of data privacy, security and compliance, Care Angel also announced that it has earned certified status from the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST). The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) certification provides customers with the assurance that Care Angel meets the industry's highest standards in protecting healthcare information and managing risk.  

“Today’s modern enterprises will continue to face cybersecurity risks, and healthcare organizations in particular are popular targets,” said Nick Martin “With this HITRUST CSF certification, Care Angel is reinforcing our commitment to protecting our customers most sensitive health information and our dedication to making continuous security improvements necessary to ensure that we are prepared from both a risk management and a compliance perspective to prevent potential data breaches in the future.”  

The HITRUST CSF serves as the preferred report to provide assurances over globally-recognized standards and requirements and was developed to address the multitude of security, privacy and regulatory challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations. By including federal and state regulations, standards and frameworks, and incorporating a risk-based approach, certified organizations meet a diverse set of requirements through comprehensive and scalable security controls. The HITRUST CSF certification indicates that Care Angel meets key healthcare regulations and requirements for protecting and securing personal health information, including HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, ISO 27001 and NIST. 

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Steven Penn Joins Care Angel as Chief Financial Officer - Chief Operations Officer

Care Angel, the leader in AI and voice-enabled nurse assistant technology, today announced that Steven Penn has joined the healthcare organization as chief financial officer and chief operations officer. His appointment follows the news that Mike Hahn recently joined the company as vice president of business development, Patrick Byrne was named chairman of the board, and Bud Flagstad will serve as the company's CEO moving forward.

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Mr. Penn comes to the role at a pivotal time for the organization, as Care Angel works to not only extend its offering to address evolving population health scenarios presented during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to solidify its position as the next-generation solution for improving health engagement and well-being management at the enterprise level. As the true potential of the company's advanced voice-enabled technology continues to be realized, Mr. Penn will play a collaborative role in helping to shape the roadmap for growth while taking primary responsibility for planning, implementing and managing the organization's financial functions.

"We are thrilled to welcome Steven to the Care Angel executive management team at such a critical inflection point for our company," said Bud Flagstad, Care Angel CEO. "As a healthcare organization, we've already come so far in terms of managing population health, and at scale, with our on demand nurse assistants, but we are really only scratching the surface when it comes to realizing the full potential of AI and voice technology. We look forward to drawing from Steven's extensive financial and operational experience as we continue to evolve our offering to improve medical outcomes at the lowest cost."

Prior to joining Care Angel Mr. Penn served as the senior vice president of finance, technology and operations at U.S. Bank where he provided technology and operational organizations with financial planning, forecasting, budgeting and vendor partnership support. From a healthcare perspective, Mr. Penn brings to the position eight years with UnitedHealth Group where he was senior vice president of Operations - Innovation Research and Development and a member of the innovation senior leadership team that was responsible for planning, reporting, and metrics designed to help their team pursue innovative solutions in a rapid and flexible manner.

"Throughout the course of my career, I've always sought out financial roles that had a component of innovation involved, which is what made this opportunity with Care Angel so incredibly attractive," said Steven Penn. "This includes their game changing approach to population management, fueled by data and analytics to scale patient care at the enterprise level. I look forward to working in collaboration with Bud (Flagstad, CEO) and the rest of the executive management team as we continue to revolutionize the healthcare experience for our clients, partners, members and patients. This includes leveraging the powerful combination of AI, voice, telehealth and other digital services and tools to deliver an exceptional member experience."

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Care Angel Appoints New Vice President of Business Development

Care Angel, the leader in AI and voice-enabled nurse assistant technology, today announced that Mike Hahn has recently joined the company as the new vice president of business development. In this role he will be responsible for leading the company's strategy for aggressive revenue growth moving forward. The appointment follows the recent news that prominent healthcare executive Bud Flagstad, will now serve as the company's new CEO.

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Mr. Hahn, holds an MBA and is a 15 year healthcare veteran who brings to the senior business development role a commitment to both innovation and collaboration as well as deep experience with large payer and provider relationships. He previously led the Innovation team for UnitedHealth Group's OptumCare unit where he was responsible for the strategy and implementation of new business opportunities and technology-enabled resources to serve various health care stakeholders spanning consumers, health care providers and practices. Mr. Hahn has also helped lead multiple successful innovations across UnitedHealth Group, including UnitedHealthcare Motion® (wearables for health) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for clinical and care effectiveness as well as new EMR voice technologies that are aimed at reducing provider burnout and physician turnover.

"The past few month have proven to be a pivotal time for Care Angel as we've looked to bolster the executive management structure in order to ensure that we are in the strongest position possible to accelerate revenue growth as well as adoption of our AI and voice-enabled nurse assistant technology," said Bud Flagstad, CEO Care Angel. "We welcome Mike in his new role and look forward to leveraging his deep healthcare experience and especially his background leading the United Health Group's OptumCare Innovation team to help us achieve our 2021-2022 business expansion goals."

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Care Angel Announces Patrick Byrne as Chairman of the Board

Care Angel, the leader in AI and voice-enabled nurse assistant technology, today announced that Pat Byrne, a long time investor in innovative and disruptive technology companies, has been named as chairman of the board. He has been an active board member at Care Angel since August 2018.

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“I have full confidence that Pat Byrne’s appointment as Care Angel’s chairman of the board will strengthen the corporate governance and oversight of both our management and investor strategy,” said Bud Flagstad, Care Angel CEO.

A seasoned executive and longstanding Care Angel investor, Mr. Byrne has extensive experience building and growing business services, technology and professional services organizations where he has provided invaluable corporate insights to senior leadership, advising them in business strategy and operations at leading global organizations. He has had a well-established career serving in senior-level roles at billion-dollar companies ranging from Accenture to Ernst and Young to A.T. Kearney, a global management company with thousands of employees worldwide where he served as chief operating officer.

“Care Angel is focused on delivering affordable, accessible, data-driven health engagement and care management solutions and services that will improve the lives of millions of people worldwide” said Mr. Byrne. “I look forward to working closely with the company’s leadership team to make these ambitions a reality.”

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The Power of AI in Homecare: How Computer Learning Can Make a Difference

In this issue of Home Care magazine, Care Angel CEO Wolf Shlagman shares his perspectives on the most innovative ways that augmented intelligence is being used in home health care settings by using virtual nurse assistants and digital companions to help close gaps in care, improve quality of care, address staffing shortages or empowering seniors to age in place.

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Care Angel Appoints Healthcare Executive Industry Veteran, Bud Flagstad, as CEO

Care Angel, the leader in AI and voice-enabled nurse assistant technology, today announced that prominent healthcare executive Bud Flagstad, has been appointed as the company’s new CEO.

Mr. Flagstad is a respected leader in the healthcare technology space where he most recently held the position of senior vice president of UnitedHealth Group Research & Development. In this role, he was responsible for driving consumer and provider engagement to reduce healthcare costs, increase access to high quality care, enhance system efficiency and efficacy, and empower consumers to maintain or improve their health and wellbeing.

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“After working with Bud as an investor and advisor to Care Angel for over a year, we are excited to welcome him to the Care Angel family as CEO,” said Wolf Shlagman, Care Angel founder and former CEO. “The timing couldn’t be better to have him lead our revenue acceleration ramp and make sure we have the right partners to help fund our exponential growth. Bud has a proven track record and experience with some of the largest players in the market using transformative healthcare products that have impacted tens of millions of lives. I look forward to scaling the organization in collaboration with him.” 

As the Care Angel model evolves, Mr. Shlagman will continue to play the vital role of developing the product vision as the chief product and innovation officer. “Wolf is well known for his heavy innovation experience, and his early contributions to building the framework of what the telemedicine industry is today,” said Care Angel chairman of the board, Patrick Byrne. Mr. Shlagman is a lifelong entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience designing products and leading teams, is the founder of Consult A Doctor, which was acquired by Teladoc Health in 2013. “In his new role, Wolf will continue to leverage his deep technology knowledge as we deliver on the vision to deploy care at scale to the most at-risk populations globally.”

Over his prominent 30+ year career, Mr. Flagstad has held executive leadership roles across the health insurance, private equity, medical startup and financial services industries. During his time at UnitedHealth Group specifically, a prestigious Fortune 50 company, he also spearheaded numerous projects, strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Mr. Flagstad earned his Bachelor of Science in computer science and business administration at Minnesota State University.

“Working with Care Angel for over a year as both an investor and an advisor made it very apparent to me the potential impact the company can have on helping to build a better healthcare system with their solutions, supporting improved outcomes, reducing costs and expanding accessibility,” said Mr. Flagstad. “I truly look forward to joining such an incredible team.”

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Care Angel Launches AI-Powered HEALS Back2School (Safely) Program to Protect Students, Families, Staff and Communities During the Fall 2020 Return to Classrooms

The industry leader in automation and scalable Augmented Intelligence (AI)-powered Virtual Nurse Assistants, today announced the availability of a new "HEALS" (Help Early Awareness Logistics and Surveillance) program designed to address the dire need for smart, safe and quick to deploy return to school solutions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Care Angel's HEALS Back2School (Safely) Program can be deployed in as little as five days and its unlimited workforce of Virtual Nurse Assistants will offer screening capabilities that make the process streamlined, efficient and effective with the ability to:

Enable users to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms often (daily or 2x day, automatically covering hundreds of thousands of people across large geographic areas)

Gather critical information and clinical input for staff, students and families to be alerted in real time if they are cleared to go to work/school

Detect who requires medical intervention, testing, isolation and/or contract tracing

Reinforce and update safety protocols to make the environment safe

Inform and remind staff, students and families of policies and PPE recommendations by school administration

Deploy a seamless, intelligent, efficient process to maintain continuity and safety

Track, alert and report on virus detection and other clinical and non-clinical findings in a robust analytics-driven dashboard

"As society looks towards the '20-'21 academic year, parents, teachers and kids are afraid. It is imperative that we find smart, scalable solutions to help protect schools, students and faculty to enable a safe return to the classroom," said<span>&nbsp;</span><span>Wolf Shlagman</span>, CEO, Care Angel. "With the introduction of the Care Angel HEALS Back2School (Safely) program, we are able to harness the power of our Augmented Intelligence-powered, on-demand Virtual Nurse Assistants who can continuously and proactively monitor, screen and evaluate the health and well-being of an entire school district or university population as a means to identify COVID-19 risk quickly and at scale."

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