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Talk (+Chat) Health Engagement, it's Good Medicine

Managing high-risk populations like Medicare and Medicaid patients is hard and time consuming. At a time when clinical resources are scarce, Care Angel makes effective care easier with an innovative, digital health engagement service.

By identifying risk across massive populations, clients are able to proactively address and close gaps early - outside of the clinical setting. 

Work Force Shortages and Care Access

Health plans and providers are facing mounting complexities. They need to address  fragmented care, compliance to care plans, medication adherence, aging and polychronic populations and a major shortage of clinicians that could benefit from an augmented staff to extend outreach. 

Good news: Care Angel’s impact on the overwhelmed, traditional care management models is proven to yield a  7x labor equivalency. Proactively capturing vitals, well-being and SDoH information using voice, text and chat conversations helps predict and prevent negative downstream healthcare events that lead to ED visit or (re)admission.

70% of Healthcare Costs are Preventable

The unified goal is to provide better options for managing populations, especially high risk. We can efficiently augment expensive care management, which improves care access and triage to the right resources at the right time automatically.

This powerful combination delivers:

  • Enhanced quality of care that improves population outcomes for both patients, providers and payers

  • Optimization of existing resources, enhancing clinician experience

  • Improved health monitoring and member engagement

  • More comprehensive care for broad array of conditions among high-acuity patients with diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure and high-risk pregnancy

  • Finding gaps and automating documentation (boosts outcomes, ROI and revenue)


What is the Most Valuable Technology for Healthcare Systems?

Augmented Intelligence, distributed through omni-channel interactions, is poised to lead the transformation of care management. Using cognitive technology to go beyond passive remote monitoring, Care Angel is already lowering labor costs, improving efficiencies, and enabling effective interactions that engage patients in a personalized way when and where they want proactively identify individuals that need healthcare support.

The time for a new approach is right now. Care Angel’s virtual nurse assistant offers a new way for healthcare stakeholders to provide care needed by millions of patients, while improving outcomes. 

We all know that patient health issues only get worse without effective management, meaningful engagement and timely action.  Especially for chronic illnesses that require expensive care, even small changes in patient health behavior can result in better outcomes and a dramatic impact on overall healthcare costs! 


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Address the looming nurse shortage and strategically improve your current care model

Burnout among healthcare workers has reached what the National Academy of Medicine called “crisis levels.” According to the nonprofit that advises the nation on issues of health, healthcare, and biomedical science and technology, 35% to 54% of nurses and physicians were reporting symptoms of burnout. And that was before the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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With its troubling impact on patient care and safety, burnout among nurses is leading many to leave the profession. A November 2021 survey by Hospital IQ found that 90% of registered nurses are thinking about leaving nursing within a year

In addition, half a million registered nurses are expected to retire by the end of 2022; that reality led the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to project that the country will need 1.1 million new registered nurses. These changes come with a steep $9 billion annual price tag, according to a recent advisory from the U.S. Surgeon General that seeks to address clinician burnout. 

Sandra Hernández, president and CEO of the California Health Care Foundation, calls for healthcare organizations to address the workforce problem by taking a “major technology leap forward.” Hernández writes: “Technology is the great extender. It is the bridge between people who make up the workforce. It can bring out the best in individuals, in teams, and different systems.” 

Meet Angel: Award Winning A. I. Voice Nurse Assistant

Care Angel can help defeat burnout by helping nurses work at the top of their licenses. The results are improved patient care and expanded nurse capacity. Angel does this for 15% of the cost–or even less. That’s important because healthcare organizations simply don’t have the numbers of employed nurses to make these calls to members and patients on a 1-on-1 basis.

Angel reduces nurse burnout by removing administrative work, such as dialing lists of patients that don't have an immediate need. That means nurses can focus on caring for patients that DO have clinical needs. The results: Nurses enjoy their work more and patients receive better care.

Angel comes to life through a secure, HITRUST-certified platform that supports healthcare organizations’ HIPAA compliance. Launching hundreds of thousands of personalized interactions with members and patients, Angel reaches millions of at-risk patients. That’s for post-discharge follow-up care, medication adherence, management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, or any clinical outcome you’re striving to achieve. 

Every single day, Care Angel can touch 90% to 100% of your at-risk populations and activate and engage 43%. That leaves your nurses to practice at the top of their licenses and exercise their clinical judgment, which can help prevent burnout. Angel is proven to extend care by 5 times, casting a wider net to help identify patients and guide them to the right resources–such as their physician or a pharmacy–in real time. Angel reduces the cost of care while lessening the burden on care management teams.  

The end result: Improved population health outcomes, better chronic condition management, and happier nurses and patients. 

Want to Learn More? Contact Care Angel Today! 

To learn more about Angel, contact us today by calling (800) 825-3227 or filling out our online form. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the healthcare management tools you need! 

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AHIP 2022 Takeaways: Health Insurers Want to Boost Population Health Efforts

Last month AHIP 2022 took Las Vegas by storm–and Care Angel’s team was there for it. We sat down with two of our team members who attended the conference to capture their observations. That’s Seth Miller, operations manager, and Bill Bowman, vice president of sales and business development.  


Top of mind for health insurer executives is the need to pursue “a deeper relationship with large patient, member, and employer populations for use cases from chronic condition management to readmission reduction, behavioral health, and recovery from substance use disorder,” said Seth. Executives attending AHIP 2022 were “very responsive, in particular, to our voice-based demo for chronic condition management,” he added.  


Bill noticed another theme at play at AHIP 2022: Namely, the need to address health inequities. Many of his conversations in Care Angel’s booth centered on “payers’ need to support underserved and marginalized populations,” he explained.  

 Ninety percent of the country's $4.1 trillion in annual healthcare costs are for people with chronic and mental health conditions, according to research. A survey of nearly 300 health system leaders conducted by consulting firm Deloitte found that addressing social needs as a part of clinical care is often “ad hoc.” In addition, the company’s survey found that “gaps remained in connecting initiatives that improve health outcomes or reduce costs.”  

Without further ado, here are four highlights from Seth and Bill at AHIP 2022: 


  1. Marked interest in chronic condition management and the need to address health equity challenges.


“There was a lot of interest in chronic conditions, specifically diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease monitoring,” said Seth. “A lot of people arrived at the booth with questions about how Care Angel could help them augment their current chronic condition management efforts, such as clinical outreach operations.” 

Attendees that we spoke with were really interested in the ability to improve their care management of health populations at scale, he added.  

Health insurer executives arrived at AHIP 2022 searching for solutions to support underserved populations, according to Bill. “Many executives were responsive to the fact that Angel works with not only mobile devices, but also landline phones, which means the health insurer can achieve interventions wherever populations exist; it also means Angel is a good fit for members who may not have access to a smartphone or reliable internet service,” he said. 

Bill also observed that health insurer executives were interested in Angel’s ability to subtly correct the misspelling of medications and to reach non-English-speaking members–who, again, are underserved–with access to Angel’s ability to speak and understand more than 72 languages. “Health insurers can’t staff clinicians who speak in all of their members’ native languages,” he explained.  


  1. Increased demand for help with medication management, medical care, and surgical protocols. 

Some of the reasons members don't consistently take their medications include "My medicine makes me feel sick." or "I forgot." Often, members struggle to afford their medications. But their health insurer doesn't know that if the member isn't asked about medication adherence. 

The health insurer executives Bill talked to were looking for ways to improve medication management. In particular, these decision makers were interested in learning about our deep understanding of medical care, such as wound care, and surgical protocols, he said.  

Chronic wounds impact approximately 6.5 people in the United States–and it’s costly: to the tune of $25 billion annually. Combine that with a rapidly aging population and a marked increase in diabetes and obesity, and we have a crisis on our hands.  

  1. Demand for behavioral health screenings is high. 

One in five U.S. adults experienced mental illness in 2020, per the National Alliance for Mental Illness. And it's worse for some individuals: One in 20 people experienced a serious mental illness, while 1 in 15 experienced both a substance use disorder and mental illness. 

But there’s a projected shortage of 250,000 behavioral health professionals. which means access to support is an ongoing challenge.  

“Angel can help health insurers by assessing members’ upward or downward spirals and connect them with a reliable, trusted resource–such as a therapist or even a psychiatric nurse, in real time, during an acute event,” said Bill. 

This same workflow offered by Angel is also a good fit for health insurers who want to “triage for situations that come up, such as high blood sugar or high blood pressure. Angel relies on machine learning to flag these events and support connections with the appropriate clinicians,” he added. 


  1. Increased interest in integrations with Care Angel  

Seth was thrilled to field “a lot of questions about integrations with other software platforms,” he said. 

Care Angel integrates with a wide variety of health IT platforms. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and collaborate during design sessions to exceed your integration expectations–and make each customized, launch a quick, painless, and process-driven. Deployments are typically less than 30 days. 


Meet Angel: Award Winning A. I. Voice Nurse Assistant 

Every single day, Angel can touch 90% to 100% of health insurers’ at-risk populations and activate and engage 43%. 

Angel comes to life through a secure, HITRUST-certified platform that supports healthcare organizations’ HIPAA compliance. Launching hundreds of thousands of personalized interactions with members, Angel reaches millions of at-risk members. That’s for post-discharge follow-up care, medication adherence, management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, or any clinical outcome you’re striving to achieve. 

South Florida-based EliteHealth, a Care Angel client, saved time, money, and resources--while increasing member engagement--from day one. Here are three ways EliteHealth achieved these goals: 

  1. 83% increased member engagement as a result of interactions with Angel that are intelligent, personalized, conversational, and data-driven.  

  1. 63% reduction in avoidable hospital readmissions as a result of real-time alerts and scale-effective interventions. 

  1. 15:1 ROI, which means they can maximize clinical efficiency, lower costs, improve outcomes, while serving as good stewards of members' premium dollars and CMS' investment in beneficiaries. 

The end result: Improved population health outcomes, better chronic condition management, and more effective use of resources.  

Want to Learn More? Contact Care Angel Today! To learn more about Angel, write us at or fill out our online form. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the healthcare management tools you need!

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6 Ways to Succeed in Value Based Payment Models: Digital Health Engagement Drives Better Care Management and Clinical Outcomes

Leveraging augmented intelligence via voice, text, and secure chat to bring care into the home. Healthcare organizations can massively scale patient engagement, care management and population health to proactively detect possible risk. Here are 6 reasons to look into AI nurse assistants:   

1. Transformative technology with low- to no barrier to entry  

2. Easily adopted by all patient populations, including seniors  

3. Enables connection without expensive devices or Wi-Fi service  

4. Promotes a path to whole-person health, with capability to learn over time  

5. Offers a bi-directional experience that other engagement methods can't deliver  

6. Collects clinical and well-being data that identifies needs and can respond to risk in real-time 

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Close Gaps in Care

Payer and provider organizations can super charge their digital engagement with high tech and high touch, achieving condition-specific, patient engagement to reduce missed care opportunities. Sophisticated scheduling rules are applied for various communication modalities to meet members how and where they want to be met.

That’s in addition to increasing clinical capacity, reducing clinical and operational costs, improving ROI, and member/patient satisfaction.  

Patients and their family caregivers also seek empowering tools to participate in their own health, well-being, and care plan adherence at home.  


5 Best Practices for Member and Patient Engagement

These 5 steps guarantee payer, provider and value-based care organizations’ success:  

Step 1: Introduce patients to engagement service with activation and welcome call.

Step 2: Drive personalized, proactive care conversations across entire populations.

Step 3: Automatically trigger alert to care teams when an interaction identifies a patient or member who needs attention or intervention.

Step 4: Enable seamless, real-time connections to clinical services, resources, and support.

Step 5: Accelerate delivery of information and well-being data that leads to better health and lower costs.


Meet Angel: Award-Winning AI Voice Nurse Assistant

With Care Angel, payers and providers can achieve the following goals:   

  • Contact 100% of members for care management and proactive health and SDoH engagement  

  • Extend clinical capacity by 6X with check-ins at home for acute, episodic, or chronic conditions  

  • Identify specific care needs and automatically target transfer to the appropriate resources to drive down clinical costs by 7.7X and improve population health.

Angel comes to life through a secure, HITRUST-certified platform that supports healthcare organizations’ HIPAA compliance. Launching hundreds of thousands of personalized interactions with members and patients, Angel reaches millions of at-risk patients. That’s for post-discharge, pre-post procedure follow-up care, medication adherence, management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, or any clinical outcome or performance measure you’re striving to achieve. 


Want to Learn More? Contact Care Angel Today!  

To learn more about Care Angel, contact us today by calling 877-902-6435 or completing the form. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the health engagement and care management tools you need!  

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Study Reveals Significant Inconsistencies in Care Transitions

A recent JAMA study revealed real inconsistencies in care transitions for patients. A full 20% of patients reported that social determinants of health (SDOH) stood in the way of achieving a healthy outcome. The point: Each patient is different and SDOH can impact their clinical outcomes.  

For example, challenges associated with transportation decreased the odds that a patient would complete their follow-up appointments by a whopping 70%. In addition, African American patients were less likely to have engaged in follow-up visits within two weeks of their hospital discharge.   

The study coauthors have three insights to share with healthcare leaders. These include:   

  1. Care transitions are variable

  2. Patients have significant SDOH issues

  3. Potential racial disparities occur during post-discharge follow-up with patients  

The reality is, the industry is aware that health inequity and lack of health literacy translate to poor clinical outcomes for patients and higher costs for payers and providers. Now, there is technology that can do something about it. Care Angel can help.   

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Meet Angel: Award Winning A. I. Voice Nurse Assistant  

Our digital health assistant, supports payers and providers with care transition engagement by attempting to contact 100% of eligible patients discharged from hospital or clinical setting to home. Traditional nurse call centers will manage an average of about 10% of the clinical capacity - at a much higher cost. Our commitment is to apply proven machine learning logic and workflow that ensures, after a single attempt, the patient doesn’t go to the bottom of the list. Our scheduler is set to reattempt contact at a frequency defined by the client - extending reach without adding to labor costs. 

And of course, Angel adheres to Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations and compliance. That typically means we commit to contacting a patient up to three times post-discharge. After a third unsuccessful phone attempt, over a set time-frame, we can send a text, voice mail or email to the patient inviting them to opt in to communications to manage their care journey.  

We help support care transitions in three pivotal ways:   

  1. Angel is a proven care extension. By optimizing and extending scarce clinical resources, Angel is highly efficient, effective, scalable, and delivers a sustainable case management model.     

  1. Angel supports a proactive, preventative care model. Through enabling outreach to more than 90% of members and patients, we help you mitigate risk. That translates to proven clinical impact and closed care gaps.   

  1. Angel relies on a data-driven algorithm. Intuitively, Angel suggests the next best actions for large patient and member populations after discharge. That means personalized pathways for each individual and more personalized attention to health equity.  

Angel’s innovative capabilities support healthcare payers’ and providers’ care coordination efforts by ensuring that clinicians receive notifications about any episodes that impact downside risk. We also empower members and patients to easily and proactively report and navigate the following tasks:   

  • Medication reconciliation  

  • New or worsening symptoms  

  • Transportation, food and other needs  

  • Scheduling follow-up care and appointments  

  • Medical supply needs 

  • Connection with the patient’s pharmacist 

  • Automatic transfer to nurse line if needed

  • And more  

 Payers and providers have a vested interest in managing downside risk. That’s a goal you share with Care Angel. We automatically filter your populations by risk. The benefit to your members and patients: Access to care teams--in the moment with actionable information. That’s how you reduce churn and help patients stay healthy, reducing readmissions.

As you continue to embark on your value-based care journey, Care Angel will continue to add value.   

The end result: Fully optimized care transitions with the ability to proactively identify and close health equity and clinical gaps.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Care Angel Today! To learn more about Angel, contact us today by calling (800) 825-3227 or filling out our online form. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the healthcare management tools you need!  

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Benefit Consultants: Your Clients' #1 Competitive Advantage is Employee Engagement

We have never seen a job market like the one we're experiencing today. It's been called the "Great resignation" and the "Great reassignment." Regardless of the label used, employers around the country are competing for talent like never before.  

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Employers look to you to advise them on what's new—and likely to set them apart with job candidates. Also important: Employers can’t forget about retaining their current employees.  

The health benefits employers offer can make all the difference in motivating, attracting, and retaining employees, while also reducing medical spend.  

A question: Are your clients' employees engaged during open enrolment and throughout the year? Probably not.  

You can help. 

According to SHRM, without a good internal communications and engagement strategy, plan participation is likely to underperform. The impact on your clients' employees? They miss out on the great benefits crafted specifically to keep them healthy and performing at the top of their professions. 

Enter Care Angel. We offer Angel, a digital employee-engagement platform that allows your clients to communicate with employees at scale by phone call, text, and secure chat. Angel is tailored to meet and even exceed the goals and objectives of individual employer groups.

Angel delivers continuous, proactive, digital engagement that transforms the way employees maximize tools that drive health and well-being success. Angel helps employers boost employee engagement during open enrolment and throughout the year to increase awareness about programs such as chronic condition management, pain management, mental health, and other well-being benefits your clients offer.  


3 questions:

  • How many hours do your clients spend chasing down employees to sign up during open enrollment and for other benefits throughout the year?

  • Do your clients' employees know how to navigate benefits for digital health, coverage for preventative care, or life-changing health events?

  • Are your clients' employees even aware of benefit programs that can support them in better addressing pain management and diabetes, in addition to cancer prevention and mental health?


We know the answers to these questions. Your clients are chasing down employees during the open enrollment period and throughout the year because traditional health communication outreach doesn’t cut it. And their employees likely don't know where to go in the event of an injury, illness, or diagnosis.  

Angel proactively helps employees make better informed decisions. 


Here are 3 ways Care Angel can help: 

  1. Angel uses voice, text, and secure chat to remind and inform your clients' employees during open enrollment--and throughout the year. 
    What does that mean for your clients? It means their employees can avoid missed open enrollment opportunities by automating conversational, inbound and outbound calls and capturing a deeper understanding of their employees' knowledge about their benefits packages through real-time insights. 

  1. Angel relies on machine learning to get to know employees over time.
    Far from a chatbot or an IVR, Angel is sophisticated, understands utterances, nested responses, and interruptions. Did we mention Angel speaks and understands 72 languages? 

  1. Angel can help employers boost benefit awareness, annual wellness visits, and screenings across a diverse workforce.
    Supporting employees who might otherwise skip important annual visits, Angel can offer regular care tips on well-being and even help with pharmacy benefit management and medication adherence. 


Care Angel offers the following solutions for your clients: 

  • Open Enrollment Support Solutions 

  • Chronic Condition Management Workflows 

  • Pharmacy Benefit Support Pathways 

  • Preventative Care Reminders for Annual Wellness Visits and Screenings 

  • Digital Health Services Awareness and Utilization 

  • Broadcast Messages for Emergency Response and Public Health Advisories 

  • Identification of Health Equity and SDOH factors 


Want to learn more?Call Care Angel today at (800) 825-3227 or contact us. We look forward to helping you continue to deliver results for your clients! 



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